Co-create your supply chain!


Here’s how


    • as a consumer: reduce the cost of accessing the products you want.
    • as a community supporter: co-create your supply-chain with other individuals, support the businesses you care for.



Look around you, co-create your supply chain:

Are there like-minded individuals who might want to join group orders?

      • neighbours, friends, colleagues…

Can you identify what types of products to buy? how often?

      • sustainably-produced food, quality soil, biodynamic produce…

Is there a convenient place for pool members to meet and collect the orders?

      • a home, an office, a friendly shop…

Can you trust that they will collect the order and pay you their share?

      • this is important: only pool with people you want to trust

By now, you can have an idea of what to buy, where to organise deliveries and who the likely members should be.



Find suppliers who can offer what you want:

Are there restrictive conditions?

      • are there minimum order quantities? do they sell to individuals?

Logistics: what does it look like?

      • can they deliver? can you collect?
      • how often do they produce / ship?

Can they share a price-list?

      • what do they sell? at what price? make sure it specifies if it includes taxes and shipping
      • you will be able to copy and paste cells (from a spreadsheet) to create a pool price list, on

What’s the order process?

      • how do they want to receive an order?
      • when should they get the order?
      • how should they get paid?

You know what to buy & who to buy it from.


Let the poolin’ begin!


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