I can initiate a group order with my friends!

I just need to use …

The pool.farm plugin

Facts – Food for thought

99% of webshops target individual orders
  • Estimated 10-20 M webshops in the world
  • One order = one customer
Selling to groups instead would reduce the cost of operations
  • Reduce the cost of payment (1 payment vs X payments)
  • Reduce the cost of order preparation (1 order vs X orders)
  • Reduce the use of packaging (1 package vs X packages)
  • Reduce the cost of shipping (1 delivery vs X deliveries)
Webshops are virtually ready to target groups
  • Can create export catalogues
  • Can embed a plugin (e.g. intercom)
  • Can use customers as proxies for groups


Our vision

Support sales

Use your customers to include their friends, family and colleagues in an order.

Be group-smart

Your customers love you. Build on that.

#resilience #inclusiveness #together

Let’s talk about it!

How it works

Export catalogues

Your catalogue is exported to a pool.farm database. Simple, like price-comparison engines.

Include a line of code into your webshop

This enables your customer to initiate a group order for your products. The customer shares a private link to invite friends, family and colleagues into the order. The order is aggregated on a pool.farm server.

Import group order into the shopping cart

Once the group order is ready – it’s uploaded manually or automatically into your customer’s shipping cart. Your order just got bigger!



I have a website in Swedish. My non-Swedish customers would like a convenient alternative – but I only need the catalogue to be translated.


I would like to have an updated sales catalogue in a language that I can read. PDF is fine – I just need to understand.

add convenience
stay simple
be smart

Our approach

#1 – build a community

Step 1- bring stakeholders together through our match-making service.

#2 – create a safe operational environment

Step 2- super simple offer and operations.

#3 – create adequate IT support

Step 3- focus on simple and good UX.

what’s in it for me?
As a supplier

Cost-efficient way to include non-native consumers.

  • input: a file (spreadsheet) with products, technical info and price
  • output: a spreadsheet file in another language, a url to a pdf hosted on our server for consumer access


As a non-native citizen

Get to know your local suppliers and what they offer!

  • input: search catalogues
  • output: find a supplier and connect

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