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Impact Hub is the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs. Our mission is to enable entrepreneurial action for positive impact. Through our core values of Trust, Courage and Collaboration; we engage in collective action with the vision of achieving a better world.

Engaging with group purchasing is one of many practical, everyday activities that meet this vision.


We started in December 2018, together with individuals who work & hang around Impact Hub Stockholm. We are iterating a shift from individualistic consumption behaviours towards more collective habits.


We like to buy from several suppliers who contribute to a diverse agriculture. We focus on food, but also on cultural items. This functions as a not-for-profit group, which means that the only cost we pass on to the group members are those that we incur. Usually, cost of goods, cost of logistics.

We will be placing regular orders from suppliers that include Rheum, a cooperative of farms in Sörmland that supplies super restaurants, France Fromage, passionate importer of Philippe Olivier’s small scale farm cheeses (4th generation), and more. We will update this page with ongoing and upcoming “purchasing pools”.

Pool members, please note :

  • this is a cooperative endeavour – we buy at cost – more money for the supplier 🙂
  • do you want to help with the collection of orders by members? – you are so kind. – yes, please.
  • we expect payment to confirm your order and pay the suppliers – pool admin will contact you.
  • sometimes the orders cannot be fulfilled totally – we then cancel the relevant part of your order.
  • sometimes the orders are fulfilled – rejoyce!


Last orders on Dec 11 / Collect on Dec 18

Orders from the Swedish importer of Philippe Olivier cheeses. Philippe Olivier and his family are one of the great, small-scale, cheese finers in France. They go back 4 generations! Jacques Six, the Swedish importer, comes to Stockholm every other week. This time he is adding star-shaped Goat cheese (Etoile du Berger) and truffled sheep cheese (Truffé d’Adèle).

Pay / Collect from pool admin at OpenLab. This time, pool admin will be Corentin.

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You will need to sign up to beta. It’s free. You can read some help info and even speak to us!

Happy pooling!

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