A pilot project in Göteborg


Experimenting with group orders

Hej, HSB Living Lab!

We are so excited to be part of a pilot with you.

Please let us introduce ourselves (insta).

We are a group of individuals living in Sweden with a passion for genuine food.

As you know, supply chains are efficient for mass-produced goods rather than healthier, small-scale, sustainably-produced or local items.

We are helping create local, lean, collaborative supply chains.

Our approach to supporting small suppliers is to focus on…

group orders

  • one person makes an order on behalf of a group of individuals,
  • the “members” of the group pay the “group admin” and collect their order in an agreed location. It works best with neighbours, colleagues, friends…

Some like to describe this as a B2C2C model.

We observe fun, social impact, like bonding within the group, through tasting, sharing tips, trial and error. Trial and errors, as it turns out 😉


You probably know super suppliers that you love or support – we’d love to add them to a list that you can order from.


You can keep track of the orders on a page just for you. 

If you agree we can also send emails to you – a newsletter with that information.

On this page you will find links to “pools”, which is what we call a group order. The pool will show you what you can order – you choose. The “pool rules” will give you details (when, where, who, how).

“Joining the pool” makes you a pool member – you can create an order. Explanation here.


DO NOT EXPECT… a webshop. One person (the “group admin”) will need to coordinate order and delivery with a supplier, as well as payment. Actually, some of our suppliers have great webshops, which makes the process all the more easier.

DO EXPECT… alternative products at a fair price, lower logistics costs, more interaction with the people around you, new food experiences.


If you want to take part in this, contact us. Let us know if you want to take part in the organisation, as a delivery support (a delivery is made to you, and other members of the group collect from you).

Happy pooling!

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